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Free Hosting

Shared hosting is separated into two types: free and paid. Free hosting is suitable for users who are building personal websites or just want to test a hosting service before buying a full option plan. Many features of free hosting are still available but the performance is limited such as server speed, disk space, monthly traffic and file size. In addition, some features, like password and virus protection system, are not available on free hosting. Thus, upgrading a free hosting account is the best choice to get all the full features. Usually, a free hosting customer can upgrade the account to a paid hosting plan without losing any of application's data as long as the customer still uses our services.

Paid Hosting

On the contrary, paid hosting gives the complete features and it is excellent for customers who are building professional websites. Usually, experts need as much freedom as possible to build their complex applications, this is why they like to use paid hosting. The features of paid hosting, such as server speed, disk space and monthly traffic, are unlimited. The paid hosting platform also offers additional services such as backup capabilities, email forwarding and SITE builder. In addition, we offer a money back guarantee. Therefore, customers can test a paid hosting plan out. If a customer is unsatisfied, a refund can be requested to us.

The Table Compares FREE with PAID Hosting by features

Features FREE Service PAID Service
? Server Speed Fast Up to 70% Faster
? Disk Space 250 MB Up to Unlimited Space
? Monthly Traffic 5 GB/mo Up to Unlimited Transfer
? Domains Hosted 1 Up to Unlimited
? File Size Limit 2 MB No Limit
? SMTP Yes Yes
? SITE Builder No Yes
? Zacky Installer No Yes
? Backups No Yes
? Custom php.ini No Yes
? Custom A record No Yes
? Custom MX records No Yes
? CNAME records No Yes
? Custom 404 pages No Yes
? Password Protection No Yes
? Spam/Virus Protection Yes Yes
? Autoresponders Yes Yes
? Catch-All No Yes
? Email Forwarding No Yes
? PostgreSQL No Yes
? PHP Version 5 5/6
? ASP.NET No Yes
? Ruby No Yes
? Python No Yes